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SUITABILITY: About 3-12 years old (100-150 cm)

Installation method: Car seat belt and ISOFIX, car seat belt

Product weight: 7.4 kg

Product size: (H)63-83cm x (W)48cm x (D)43cm

Made in Germany


Ultimate protection
The new KIDFIX i-SIZE has been designed and approved as the new i-Size standard, making it the safest KIDFIX to date. Every function on the seat was developed with one thing in mind-maximum protection. The proven technologies of XP-PAD, SICT and SecureGuard are now combined with the redesigned seating area to achieve the best crash performance and thus provide comprehensive protection.

Comfort and practicality at the core
Comfort and practicality are the standard configuration of KIDFIX i-SIZE. The large upholstered cloth cover and well-arranged ventilation holes on the shell ensure that your child can travel more comfortably for a longer time. The slender design of the seat allows three KIDFIX i-SIZE seats to be installed in the rear of various cars, and the markings on the headrest can help parents find the right headrest height every time.

Sustainable quality
At Britax Römer, we are proud to produce 90% of car seats in Germany or the UK. This helps us shorten transportation routes within Europe, thereby minimizing the impact on the environment. The well-designed KIDFIX i-SIZE weighs about 0.6 kilograms lighter than its predecessor, which further improves efficiency. We have also reduced the printed flyers that accompany the product to provide you with more online options.


Redesigned seating area for optimum crash performance
Working in close partnership with leading car manufacturers, the seating area has been redesigned to help reduce the neck loads by up to 10%. *
* Britax Römer internal tests with a Q10 dummy, representing an average 10 year old child

Unique protection for the neck and chest
Despite good planning and careful driving, you can never prepare for a collision. To protect your child's sensitive neck area in case of a frontal impact, Britax Römer has developed a shock-absorbing foam pad. It prevents the impact of your child's chin on their chest, absorbing up to 30% * of the energy. A jerky forward head movement is reduced and the neck is protected. At the same time it provides additional padding around the edges of the seat belt.

*Britax Römer tests 2019

Advanced side impact protection-SICT
In the event of a side impact, our SICT reduces the impact by minimizing the distance between the car and the car seat, and deforms to absorb energy, providing excellent protection for your child. To be protected, simply adjust the SICT on the side of the car seat closest to the door. SICT can reduce the side impact force by as much as 40%.

Help protect the small area of ​​the child's abdomen by adding an extra fourth contact point to the three-point safety belt. By keeping the seat belt in the best position above your child's pelvic bones, SecureGuard helps reduce abdominal strength by up to 35% in the event of a frontal collision, while allowing your child to move freely during the journey.

Easy-to-adjust ergonomic headrest
specially designed for older children, it can be easily adjusted to the correct position. The useful markings on the back of the headrest will guide parents to easily find the correct headrest height every time they change seats between cars or transport multiple children in the same seat.

Air circulation
The well-placed ventilation holes help air circulation and keep your child comfortable for a longer time.

Place 3 seats in a row
The slim and compact design of the seats allows 3 seats to be installed in the back rows of various cars.

Detachable seat cover
Can be easily removed and installed, and can be quickly cleaned.

High-back booster protection
There are 3 ways to protect your child: the seat cover provides protection from head to buttocks for your child, especially in the case of a side collision; the upper and lower seat belt guides can secure the seat belt correctly; The padded headrest can provide a sense of security and comfort for the child's head and neck.